Mar 9, 2015

Elegi Wawancara Dengan Dr Marsigit MA

Following is the excerpt of the interview with
Dr. Marsigit MA


What is your profession? What is your title printed on your business card?
My profession is educationist, philosopher to be, HRD

What did you study and why did you choose to study that field?
Education is the most complete model of world and life

What is expected of you in your job, and how do you accomplish it?
I expected that all peoples get their own happiness naturally. I strive to accomplish by promoting communication to all peoples.

What links do you have on the Internet: website, blog, social networks?

Are you satisfied with the education that you received?
I wish to express my thanks and gratitude to our former teachers; although I am not satisfied. But I am satisfied because of I am capable to express my un- satisfication.

In which areas have you thought of building upon your education?
Primary Education, Secondary Education, Higher Education and University.

In which tasks are you good at, and in which could you better yourself?
I am good at qualitative task

Do you usually attended seminars or coursework to advance your professional work or would you consider yourself a more self-taught person?
Both. I frequently attend the seminar and workshop, but I sometime also feel to be self-taught person.

When did you realise that your work was being considered important and that it could possibly take you places?
I realized my work was being considered important when there is a response.

Who have been the most influential people in your career?
The most influential people in my career is Paul Ernest, Immanuel Kant, Piaget, and Vigotsky, Jaworski, Ebbutt, Straker, and Katagiri.

With which types of persons do you feel you work well with as a team?
Open minded, honest, fair, and positive thinking

Which goals have you focused on in your professional career?
Contribute to HRD

Which publications associated with your field do you regularly read?
Education and Philosophy

Which languages do you speak, and how have you learned them?
Javanese (mother tounge)
English (I have a hobby to read articles written in English since I was in Senior High School)

Do you have a website or blog? How was the process in making it? Does it accomplish the purpose for which it was created?
Yes I have. That's
It accomplished the purpose

How do you feel about speaking in front of an audience? What experience have you had in this arena?
That's nice

Do you attend cocktail parties, presentations, fairs or conventions related to your profession?
Yes, I have experiences to attend all of those activities

Have you explored the social networks for professionals online? Are you member of any of them?
Yes I have. I am the member of lesson study networking.

How are you different from others in your professional sector?
I always try to perform naturally.

How is the Interent changing the way you work?
Before and after Internet era do like two different worlds.

Do you do telecommuting?
Yes I do

Do you feel your hobbies serve to elevate your career?
Yes I do

Do your hobbies aide in professional networking?
Yes they do

Would you relenquish some of your income in exchange for more free time?
Yes I would

What are the things you least like about your job?
To communicate with others

Besides your current profession, what other things would you have liked to have been?

What is the most important thing you have learned from experience?
Unexpected occurances

When you were young, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Save some excpetions, do you believe professional and personal relationships should not be mixed?
No I don't

List any credits, publications, competitions, etc.
Too many

Your Bible?
No, I am Moslem

How do you handle customer complaints?
Hearing and communicating

Someone wants to ask for a pay rise and they ask you for advice in how to approach the matter with their boss. What do you tell them?

What do you do to manage stress?
Doing various thing

What are the most common mistakes clients make when they judge your work?
They are sometimes difficult to understand my concepts


How and why did you begin to be creative?
If I can identify the begin of my creativity, it means that I am less creative.
If I can explain why I am creative, it means that I am more creative.

Your mind is your work tool. How do you take care of it?
I do not fully agree with your statement. I do not perceive my mind is as a tool. I perceive it as my life. My mind is my life, without it I can not live. So, for me, it is not in the case of taking care of mind, but making it always lives.

How do you avoid repeating yourself, or falling into formula? How do you stay fresh?
I perceive that life is translating and to be translated. In order to stay fresh people needs dynamically move from translating to to be translated and vice versa.

Do you have a ritual like retiring to a lonely place from time to time to cleanse your mind?
My writing and talking can not express all my thinking. My mind can not think all my feeling. Spiritual is a kind of feeling. But my feeling can not fully represent my spiritual.

What cultural sources do you draw from the most?
Your culture is your: life, place, time, activity, thinking, communication, relationship, ideal, value, heritage, friend, aim, feeling, creativity, mind, ...

Other culture is your: mirror, reflection, comparison, reference, communication, creativity, friend, ...

So your culture and others' one have similar space and time to communicate and share

Who have your teachers been?
My teacher is possibility and impossibility, finite and infinite, limited and unlimited, inside and outside, internal and external, forward and inward, get in and get out, as well as phenomena and noumena.

When you accept a job, how much value do you place on each of the following? Money, creative liberty, visibility, and to work with the best.
Money is important to support creativity, however it shouldn't bother your creativity.

Have you ever had a job that was so stimulating that you could not get your mind off of it?
There are two components of life movement: cyclic rotation and linear moving. Linear moving of life stimulates the spirit of your works. While cyclic rotation of life refreshes your mind.

"To give birth to ideas." Is this only an expression, or are there really parallels between giving birth and creativity?
Ideas is not something birth. It develops from unclear space and time. It is your life. It is your activity. So I can say that my life is my ideas. My life is my creativity.

Does spirituality contribute to your creativity?
I am thinking my creativity in my mind. I am feeling my creativity in my heart.

It is possible to fall in love with a bad idea simply because it is yours. How do you avoid this?
There are some key words: fall in love, bad idea, avoid. "Fall in love" is your ego, so you are the subject. If the center moves to the object, you will find "fall in respect". I don't believe in bad idea. There is no bad or good idea. An idea is an idea. But I do believe that there is a good behavior or bad behavior.

Must someone be the leader or boss in order for a creative team to function well?
It can be a leader of whatever. The class leader. The task force leader. The family leader. The committee leader. The most dangerous thing in the world is uncontrolled behavior of leader. In order to have a creative team, please be a leader on their heart.

Declaration: With what person or business would you like to work?
I wish to work with all types of person. If you chose to works with a certain person, it means that you reduce your world of life.

What criteria do you use when selecting someone to be a part of your creative team?
There is no criteria. It is my success if I can collaborative with the most difficult person.

The armchair psychologist: Is creativity an act of rebellion for you?
Rebellion is something unexpected; it is not good characteristics of life. I prefer something goes smoothly; including smooth to handle the unexpectedness.

What is the best advertisement you've seen recently?
The best advertisement is coming from your very deep inner personality and competencies. It will last long time and be meaningful in nature.

Do you work well under pressure?
Please try to convert the pressure into the potentials.

What city in the world currently attracts you due to its creative environment?
Developing city is more attractive than developed city, because it is more challenging.

How is an idea sold?
We should not sold our idea. If your idea is good, people will buy it.

What do you feel when, after two or three years, you see an idea of yours again?
I left my previous idea. I am developing my current idea based on my past idea. I propose my next idea based on my current idea.

Ideas can come simultaneously to different people in different places with no connection to one another. How do you explain this phenomenon?
The key word of this phenomena is communication.

You are as good as your last idea. Wouldn't you like to have a more secure type of work?
It is in nature that human life should always have an effort to change.


What is your specialty? How do you help people find harmony?
My specialty is education. I help people find harmony through its nature.

Can you provide a link to a web site or blog where we can learn more about you?

What were the circumstances that led you to choose the professional path you have chosen?
Education and Philosophy

What is happiness, and the main obstacle to reaching it?
Happiness is capable of receiving reality. It is also a capability of being exist, being bright, being clear, being fulfill, being real, being closer, and being the self. The obstacle is coming from the self.

Do we think too much? Why is it so difficult to feel here and now?
It is not too much to think; it is too tired to do so. Do you understand what the nature of here? Do you understand the nature of now? If you can not explain them, why you make such questions?

How do you deal with discouragement, despair, a sense of setback, etc.?
Sometimes, just forget them and go to sleep. And then try to communicate to whom it may concerned.

Are meditation and prayer cultural variants of the same thing?
Again how do you know about meditation and prayer. They just about subject or object.

Is faith necessary for spirituality to work?
It is specially relevant to people that have difficulties. Difficult situations or things sometimes need irrational explanation. It is also specially relevant to peoples that have power. In fact, all people have their power. So, spiritual is relevant to all peoples.

Is it necessary to have a teacher to find the way?
It is not enough just to have a teacher. You need a partner, counterpart, and other people to reflect your life.

Is it necessary to have a purpose to find meaning in life?
Purpose is a framework. Meaning is substance inside the purpose. Framework without meaning is empty. Meaning without framework is blind.

Is it wise to believe in things that do not exist if it helps you to be happy?
My thinking can not explain all my happiness as well as my beliefs.

How do you distinguish between spirituality and religion?
Spirituality is content. Religion is framework.

Is God an idea? Is God in the brain?
My action can not represent all my writing. My writing can not represent all my talking. My talking can not represent all my thinking. My thinking can not represent all aspects of God.

What is your concept of free will Vs destiny, fate, karma?
Life is mutual synergistically translating and to be translated of destiny and free will in the context of space and time through critical thinking and belief. Free will, destiny, fate and karma move forward and backward lively between critical thinking and belief.

Give us a simple proof for the existence of the soul.
Your question is one of the proof. How do you have a question if you has not a soul?

What happens when you die?
You should die comprehensively. It should be compact. It is better if you die with all your aspects of life and dying.

What is in a temple that isn't anywhere else?
Your heart is a truly temple.

Do you believe in the law of attraction: that we attract what we think about?
Attraction is about the relationship between subject and object. If you think about something, you will be a subject of an object.

How does one maintain body-mind harmony?
Illnesses is one of the instrument to check whether your body and mind is harmony.

Do creativity and positive thinking slow aging?
Creativity and positive thinking maintain your competences of thinking. Still have a good competences in thinking in the old is different with to be aging. Creative or not, thinking or not, your aging is surely.

What is your short list of healthy habits?
On diet and hiking

In what ways has your spiritual practice affected your creativity?
Spiritual practices affect psychological symptom.


What hobbies have you got?
My hobbies are reading, thinking, arguing, communicating, reflecting, initiating, improving, motivating, proposing, ...

Which actor would you like to be?
Everyone is an actor in his/her time and space.

If you were sent to a deserted island, which book, CD and film would you take with you?
It depends on when we should go? If I behave as if I went to a deserted island in the ancient time, I would bring goods for life e.g. food and traditional tools. But If I should go in the current situation I will bring compases, my newest laptop and equipment to communicate.

How do you find the balance between working to live and living to work?
Working in order to live. But living is not enough just to work. Living needs to think, needs to feel, needs to communicate, needs to share...and needs to work. Living to work needs working to live. Does working to live need living to work? You should be able to answer my question in order you may hear my answer to your question about the balance between working to live and living to works.

In moments of tension, what techniques work in calming the mind?
If I have a moments of tension I may need to pause temporarily my activities and my activities of mind, and then try to reflects and to further communicate. Really, I can not stop my mind's activity except that I am sleeping.

A simple pleasure that for you is quite big or important.
Take a rest, make different (alternative) activities, and back to nature.

What is the greatest loss you have had in your life?
My greatest loss in my life is the loss of communication, the loss of trust from others, the loss free thinking, the lost of arguing and the lost of consistency.

How do you respond to telemarketing calls?
Identify first. Polite response. Learn whether it suitable for my condition. Look for further information. Arguing and give it input if I found something was not fair.

Are you an ex-smoker? How did you quit?
No I am not. I am not a smoker at all.

It is 5 pm on a typical Sunday: what are you doing?
Reading newspaper or watching TV

Something in which you are completely incompetent.
I am completely incompetent not to have a question.

Of what are you an addict?
No, no way. I am an addict of striving to have no addiction.

You have nine wins in a row in a game of roulette: do you continue because you are on a good run, or abandon the game because statistically, it is your turn to lose?
Onces I dediced to gamble I should be ready to lose. I do not like gambling.

What toy gave you the best moments of your childhood?

What was your favourite primary/secondary school teacher like?
Those who pay attention to me.

How did you meet your current boy/girlfriend?
Unintentionally and naturally. 

What was your first vehicle?

Your New Year resolutions.
Be better

Is there any superstition that makes you change your behaviour?
By my mind, I am striving to uncover some aspects of superstition, then I may get new knowledge about something.

Does knowing someone's zodiac sign help you to better understand that person?
Zodia sign is non-senses if it is about only and only individual person. However, if it is about many peoples or endemic in the society, it will have psychological impacts; and thus can help me better understanding of a certain person.

Please list something you have not yet done, but that you would definitely like to do someday.
Happiness for all peoples

In your lifetime, what is the best news you have ever seen printed?
People will stay in Mars planet

To which other place in the world would you move without hesitation?
I have no hesitation to go everywhere if it means to improve knowledge and experiences

A bad habit you have overcome.
Eating too much

A word or expression that you love.
Feeling, praying, thinking and communicating

A word or expression that you detest.
Cheating, prejudice and unfair

What do you imagine yourself doing for your retirement?
In nature, there is no substantially retirement.

If you were to return reincarnated, which real-life person would you like to be?
I'll try to improve my life.


Did God create the world in seven days, or do you believe in the theory of evolution?
Minute, hours, day, month or year is a human being measurement. God have its own measurement system.

To what percentage do you believe in statistics?
The only very democratic sciences is statistics.

Do you believe many illnesses can be caused by the mind?
If you can not stop the activity of your mind in such a way that you can not sleep, you may have got illnesses.

Do you believe it is true that humans only use 10% of their brain capacity?
It is arrogant to decide the percentage of the activity of your brain. You can not exactly indicate your brain characteristics

Using the subway without paying, shoplifting: is there excessive tolerance to these small offenses?
Why you deliver such a foolish question?

What do you think of the squatter "movement"?
It is deviant action. Any deviant action can not make your life happy. Sometimes, the happiness is in the normal.

Does brand name influence your buying habits?
Brand name can be bad, can be good. Good brand name guarantees the buyers' satisfactions.

Do you think tipping is a good custom?
Tipping is not good custom, because it is not procedural.

Are there too many holidays in the work calendar?
I try to be realistic man 

Do you think the catastrophism about climate change has been exaggerated?
Un-distinctive idea make you confuse.

Do you boycott brands if you learn they employ children in third-world countries or harm the environment?
Yes I do

Do you defend animal experimentation for the development of medicine that can save human lives?
It should be proportionally

What is your opinion of the rise in popularity of plastic surgery and implants?
It is demand driven

Should more limits be established for cars within downtown areas?
It needs first to establish a fair rule

Do extraterrestrials exist?
Technology will answer it


For you, what is "the good life"?
Good life is consistent, tolerance, aware, sociable, and responsible

What is the secret to happiness?
The secret of happiness if it is still in a secret

What is a friend?
A friend is a choice. A friend is a reduction. A friend is to complete. A friend is a subject. A friend is an object. A friend is a myth. A friend is harmony. A friend is a translation. A friend is irrational. A friend is communication. ...

Please list your philosophy of good health.
My list of philosophy of good health i.e. health in mind: positive thinking, high spirit, something bright, wise utterances, collaborative, future oriented, balance, fair, honest, open mind, etc

Does the soul exist?
My mind can not determine it. My heart believe it. My thinking try to explain it. My activities sue it references. My speaking is not enough to express it. My writing is not able to express it. My talking has a high spirit to discuss it.

Where does science end and ideology begin?
Science begins from your questions. Ideology begin from your belief.

Your own definition for beauty
Beauty is when: I want to repeat, I want to know, I want to ask, I want to refer, I want to imagine, I want to explain, I want to describe, I want to continue, I want to facilitate, I want to pray, I want to stay in, I want to talk, I want to argue, I want to define.

What is God?
I just try to think but I have believed

If the ticket price for a football match is twice the regular price for those 12 years of age or older, and your child turned twelve yesterday, what age would you say your child is?
It is a trapped question. Why do make such a foolish question. Whatever my answer, you will get a negative perception.

If you were a millionaire, what would be your charitable work?
I will donate them to promote better life for all people in the world.

Your sins and virtues.
My sins is my inconsistencies. My virtues is to benefit for others

Please list three important words for the world today.
Critical, communication, universal

What will your epitaph be?
Do not find something behind my emptiness otherwise you will blind

Dr. Marsigit MA

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  1. efi septianingsih
    pep kelas b

    What do you do to manage stress?
    Doing various thing

    ngelakuin apa ajah yang bapak lakukan ketika sedang stres, berikan contoh?

    Your own definition for beauty
    Beauty is when: I want to repeat, I want to know, I want to ask, I want to refer, I want to imagine, I want to explain, I want to describe, I want to continue, I want to facilitate, I want to pray, I want to stay in, I want to talk, I want to argue, I want to define.

    Menurut saya jawaban yang bapak itu diluar ekspetasi saya, almost malah pak, mungkin karena bapak juga telah memahami filsafat, ilmu murni dan insyaallah spiritual pun makanya bapak menjadi lebih berpikiran terbuka apa yang akan dan mungkin terjadi

  2. efi septianingsih
    pep kelas b

    What do you do to manage stress?
    Doing various thing

    ngelakuin apa ajah yang bapak lakukan ketika sedang stres, berikan contoh?

    Your own definition for beauty
    Beauty is when: I want to repeat, I want to know, I want to ask, I want to refer, I want to imagine, I want to explain, I want to describe, I want to continue, I want to facilitate, I want to pray, I want to stay in, I want to talk, I want to argue, I want to define.

    Menurut saya jawaban yang bapak itu diluar ekspetasi saya, almost malah pak, mungkin karena bapak juga telah memahami filsafat, ilmu murni dan insyaallah spiritual pun makanya bapak menjadi lebih berpikiran terbuka apa yang akan dan mungkin terjadi